A long time advocate for entrepreneurship, Tim Fielding has spent the last few years running The Collusionist Blog, while balancing his day job in the home interior renovation industry. After sharing two years worth of other people’s businesses and adventures, he finally decided to throw his hat into the ring and make a mark of his own by launching The Collusionist Crate (hence the new about section you are currently reading).


Fortunately Tim is not alone in this new venture and his long time editor (English major + teacher) and wife, Kelly Fielding is on board to help The Collusionist reach entrepreneurs, collaborators and adventurers everywhere.


The blog format will remain relatively unchanged with a product post on Tuesdays and a brand feature on Thursdays. The photo page will expand on the Friday photo features and include some guest writers and photo essays as well a gallery showcasing photographers.  


Thanks for taking the time to check out The Collusionist, and hopefully you find something here that inspires you.

If you’re interested in collaborating with The Collusionist, please shoot an email to thecollusionistblog@gmail.com