Collaboration: The Collusionist Crate and Sasquatch & Co.

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What started as a scholarly endeavor to develop a product and brand for a design school class has quickly transformed into a full fledged business for the super rad folks over at Sasquatch & Co. They create beautifully original art that is hand pulled for one of a kind prints, as well as  bad-ass soy candles, whose proceeds benefit specific national parks.

By an act of kismet, I stumbled upon their shop while perusing the wares over at the Holiday Horseshoe Market when my wife made sure I took note of how much she liked their  prints. As luck would have it, I remembered their name long enough to pick up one of their prints for a Valentine's Day gift. After that, I knew I had to collaborate with them for edition 2 of The Collusionist Crate. They kindly obliged by coming up with an exclusive 5x7 print which I’m so stoked to be able to include!

 For more information and other Sasquatch & Co products, check out

Also, make sure to check back with The Collsuionist tomorrow as The Collusionist Crate Edition 2: Undomesticated, will be available for purchase.

Collaboration: The Collusionist Crate and Wine Punts

Wine is good. Up-cycling thousands of bottles of wine into beautifully crafted drink-ware in which even more wine can be consumed is better. Wine Punts, the Colorado Springs based business, does just that by collecting used wine bottles and transforming them into stunning glasses. They help upcycle over 125,000 wine bottles a year and have generated interest from the likes of Oprah and West Elm. They were also awesome enough to include 2 of these super sweet 12 oz clear wine punts in the newest edition of The Collusionist Crate.

 I am beyond stoked to work with everyone over at Wine Punts! Plus, with every Collusionist Crate order, a promo code will be given out so you can fill out the rest of your Wine Punt set at a discounted price.  

For more information and other Wine Punts glassware, check out

And, as always for more information and pre-orders of The Collusionist Crate, please email

Collaboration: The Collusionist Crate and Made Wild

Discovering passionate, enthusiastic and creative entrepreneurs is a definitive aspect of the ethos behind The Collusionist. Finding that type of entrepreneur, however, is not always the easiest task. Luckily I stumbled across Chris and Gilbert, the bad ass minds behind Made Wild, a few months ago while working at the Holiday Flea. Their grab life by the throat mentality is inspiring and has helped them establish Made Wild as a brand with a purpose. They were also rad enough to include their Stay Wild pennant in the 2nd Edition of The Collusionist Crate.

 The natural wool, cotton and felt pennant is screen printed by hand and makes for a truly original piece of decor.

 For more information and other Made Wild products visit

For more information and pre-orders of The Collusionist Crate please email


Collaboration: The Colluionist Crate and Copper Candle Co.

In the first post of 2017, I introduced The Collusionist Start Up Investment and featured the Copper Candle Co., a handmade soy candle company whose inception was inspired by Copper, an adolescent Brittany Spaniel rescue. Since receiving their start up funds, Copper Candle Co. has been able to refine their candle making process and packaging, cobble together some sales through The Collusionist website, and adopt Copper a sister named Emma. In addition to the start up capital received through The Start Up Investment program, the Copper Candle Co. has also received their first wholesale order and will be featured in the 2nd edition of The Collusionist Crate. I am beyond stoked to be in on the ground floor of such a rad company and can’t wait to see how this collaboration helps them to grow their business and brand.

Make Sure to Follow Copper and Emma on Instagram for pup updates as well as a few behind the scenes business updates. 


What started in May 2014 as a beer forward “celebration of the finest Colorado-made goods and their makers,”  The Denver Flea has  transformed into mainstay for Colorado businesses of all shapes and sizes. Conceived over coffee at the Denver Bicycle Cafe by Blake, Casey and PJ, the heavily caffeinated founders of The Flea focused on putting together a market that would be fun, approachable and community curated. Since then they have managed to cultivate a seasonal soiree that supports and nurtures the entrepreneurial spirit of Colorado (while serving beer)! The most current iteration of The Denver Flea kicks off today, May 12th and runs through Mother’s Day, at The Sports Castle. Past Collusionist collaborators, I Get Down, Purpose and Pine, and Karmalit will all be in attendance plus a bevy of rad creators and entrepreneurs. Come grab a beer and discover some amazing companies


 Boo sticker by  @blondehare  aka  Bobby Windaur

Boo sticker by @blondehare aka Bobby Windaur

I was recently at a product launch party for the rad gentlemen over at Made Wild, and entered into an online hashtag giveaway. As luck would have it, I won and was gifted an amazing set of their F*ck The Hate stickers. In typical Collusionist fashion, I ended up obsessing over stickers for the next few days and through various social media avenues, was able to parse out some pretty awesome sticker finds. Check them out!

 Made Wild:  F*ck The Hate Sticker Series  ($12)
 Vector Pizza:  Space Sticker Pack  ($9)

Vector Pizza: Space Sticker Pack ($9)

 Lone Woods:  Lantern Sticker  ($1.88)

Lone Woods: Lantern Sticker ($1.88)

Media: Abstract: The Art of Design

When asked if design was an expression of art in a 1972 interview at the Musee des Arts Decoratifs, Charles Eames[1] responded, “It’s an expression of purpose. It may, if it's good enough, later be judged as art.” Abstract: The Art of Design, Netflix’s newest documentary series, aims to build upon that statement by taking an in depth look into the work, process and ideals of eight modern designers working across a bevy of design disciplines. Creator and Executive Producer Scott Dadich, former Editor in Chief of Wired Magazine, echoes Charles’ sentiment with an eye toward the future, stating that if done right, "Abstract will help you understand the future by seeing the intent behind the objects that surround us.”

I’m only four episodes in and am absolutely riveted by the beauty and storytelling on display in each episode. In an attempt to stray from the softly lit interviews and modern minimalism of the standard design documentary, Abstract attempts to translate each specific designer's aesthetic and personality in a way that is both visually stunning and complimentary to the stories being told.  All eight episodes are currently available for streaming on Netflix!


[1] Together with his wife, Ray, the Eames are among my favorite designers of all time.  Here is an old post I wrote about one of my favorite chairs.

Product: Custom Skis

 (Photo Cred: Kelly Fielding)

(Photo Cred: Kelly Fielding)

I’m not sure if it’s the sub freezing temperatures or the fact that I’m less than 48 hours away from enjoying a weekend full of snowy turns and fireplace hot chocolate, but I’ve been drooling over these custom skis for the last few days. They are currently miles out of my price range but a bearded man can dream. Check out some of these rad rides.

Wagner Skis

Made in Telluride with a unique shape, flex, materials and stylings, these bad boys will make your turns truly one of a kind.

Folsom Skis

Handcrafted in Boulder, Colorado, every Folsom ski is shaped to match the specific requirements of the skier. From there, every detail is discussed - from selection of the core lumber down to the graphics, until these guys are ready to hit the snow.

Igneous Skis

All work and no play can make anyone want to quit their job and go skiing. The guys over at Igneous Skis in Jackson, Wyoming did just that and have been custom making skis for the greater good ever since.