Holiday Gift Guide: For Her

I pride myself on being a good gift giver when it comes to the ladies in my life. However, my wife has been known to be a bit skeptical when it comes to some of my choices. So instead of making the For Her selections on my own, I called in the big guns and had Kelly write the entire post. 


Well, it’s that time of year again! Today is December 1 which means it’s time for some holiday cheer (although things have been pumpkin spice for a few months now).

Anyway, I am contributing to the Holiday Guides this year since I am, well, a girl…errr, woman. Whether you want to add any of these items to your list (my family is that kind of family) or if you’d like to snatch something up for the special lady(ies) in your life, check it out!

We went to the Horseshoe Market last weekend and saw some pretty awesome vendors. One of my favorite booths was Make My Notebook. You choose the size, cover, color and paper and they bind a notebook just for you! The small, pictured below, is $14.95 which won’t break the bank, and it’s unique. It is perfect for the bookworm and writer type.

Make My Note Book: It May Not Be Easy ($14.95)

I love this print from Sasquatch&Co. I want it in my basement, like, now. Jeffrey Sloan is the owner and designer and runs an Esty shop by the same name. 

Sasquatch&co: Mountain Water Hand Pulled Screen Print ($18)

This dainty necklace from Sparkle & Stone for $30 that will be customized with initials because, dainty is in.

Sparkle & Stone: Custom Letters Necklace ($30)

I love this sweatshirt from the Moore Collection. Something about it screams cool + elementary school map and I’m all about that.

Moore: Travel West Crewneck ($46)

I bought this candle from Worthy two weekends ago and I’m obsessed, ya’ll. Something about the hexagonal (I’m not sure if that’s the right word but we are all up in pattern blocks and geometry in 5th grade right now) shape makes it extra cool.

Worthy: Concrete Candle/Planter Light ($32)

Okay, on a non-local note, I want these tieks shoes SO BAD. They’re pricey, but the research has shown that they are great flats for the “always on her feet gal”( ie: teachers and nurses).  They’re $235.