Brand: Spruce

A good haircut is hard to come by. A good barber is even harder to come by, and a good barber in a good barbershop may as well be a freakin unicorn in this era of beauty school grads, stylists, salons, and men’s haircut depots (I’m looking at you Sports Clips and Floyd’s). As someone who has spent years on a personal quest in search of such a person and place, I’m hopeful that I may have finally found my mythical creature in Spruce Barber and Clothier.

The Tennyson St. Denver residence was established in 2014 with a mission to “empower men so they feel great and look great from head to toe.” They offer a bevy of services (listed below) in a laid back, stylish, low judgement atmosphere and have even developed a bot to make the entire customer experience easier and more intuitive.

After creating a profile (which included my hair type, personal clothing style and my small talk preferences), I set an appointment with Jose for a cut and couldn’t be more stoked with the result (more people noticed and commented on my hair than ever before). The vibe was mellow and relaxing and shooting the shit with the guys in the shop was refreshing. Nas and Mos Def streamed through the speakers at a volume that encouraged conversation but added a great ambience, and after roughly thirty minutes in the chair, I had a fresh new cut and was on my way.

In addition to offering barber services, they also have an awesomely curated selection of menswear, accessories and grooming products. The brands offered range from Herschel Supply and Brixton Supply Co. to Reuzel hair care products, all of which can be purchased in store or online.

I’d also be remissed if I didn’t mention that the Denver Post recently featured Spruce and the technology they created to run the shop in a business section article. Read it here.

Make sure to check out Spruce and all of their offerings through their website or their brick and mortar location, and hit up Jose for your next cut if you’re in town.

Services Offered:

  • Clothing Style Consult ($0) 30 Minutes
    • A one on one session with a spruce style consultant to discuss wardrobe needs, select clothing that will make the mos of an existing closet, and advise on proper clothing fit. 
  • The Ultimate ($65) 75 Minutes
    • The Signature Haircut
    • Spruced Up Shave
  • The Signature ($35) 45 Minutes
    • Haircut 
    • Hot Towel 
    • Shampoo, Conditioner
    • Neck Shave
    • Style
  • Spruced Up Shave ($35) 45 minutes
  • The Regular ($28) 30 minutes
    • Haircut 
    • Neck Shave 
  • Traditional Shave ($20) 30 minutes

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