Product: Custom Skis

 (Photo Cred: Kelly Fielding)

(Photo Cred: Kelly Fielding)

I’m not sure if it’s the sub freezing temperatures or the fact that I’m less than 48 hours away from enjoying a weekend full of snowy turns and fireplace hot chocolate, but I’ve been drooling over these custom skis for the last few days. They are currently miles out of my price range but a bearded man can dream. Check out some of these rad rides.

Wagner Skis

Made in Telluride with a unique shape, flex, materials and stylings, these bad boys will make your turns truly one of a kind.

Folsom Skis

Handcrafted in Boulder, Colorado, every Folsom ski is shaped to match the specific requirements of the skier. From there, every detail is discussed - from selection of the core lumber down to the graphics, until these guys are ready to hit the snow.

Igneous Skis

All work and no play can make anyone want to quit their job and go skiing. The guys over at Igneous Skis in Jackson, Wyoming did just that and have been custom making skis for the greater good ever since.