Brand: Copper Candle Co.

From the earliest iteration of The Collusionist, using collaboration to invest in adventure and entrepreneurship has been the driving force behind the majority of the decisions, both large and small, relating to the brand as a whole. Even before The Collusionist Crate was a tangible product, I knew I wanted to give back to the entrepreneurial culture in as many ways as possible. The Collusionist Crate was a fantastic jumping off point and working with the amazing people and brands I've had the pleasure of collaborating with over the past year has been more gratifying than I thought possible. However, it was just a jumping off point.

All of which brings me to this, the first post of 2017, and the first ever Collusionist Start Up Investment. It has always been my intention to take profits made from the sales of The Collusionist Crate and invest them in an entrepreneur with an idea that they are passionate about, all while helping them bridge the barriers to market entry. I couldn't be more stoked to announce that the Copper Candle Company will be the first company launched with the help of The Collusionist.[1] Their first product is available now through The Collusionist Shop and the profits from each sale will help to build the necessary infrastructure for The Copper Candle Company to grow and operate under.

Inspired by the rescue adoption of Copper, a 2-4 year old American Brittany through the National Brittany Rescue and Adoption Network (NBRAN), the idea to give back by more than just adopting was born. While spending the better part of 2016 learning the eccentricities of both Copper and the Brittany breed, a lifelong companionship was formed and the desire to help other Brittanys in need of a forever home grew. After spending a lazy Sunday trying to think of a handmade Christmas gift for the holiday season, a YouTube video of soy candle making was stumbled upon, and the idea for the Copper Candle Company was born. A portion of the profits from each candle will be donated to NBRAN with the hopes of helping Brittanys everywhere find their adoptive parents. Again, the first candle, Lazy Sunday, is now available for purchase through The Collusionist shop. So, if you have a dog lover in your life or are just looking for a new candle in the New Year, check it out. Also make sure to check back with The Collusionist to watch all of the Copper Candle Company's growth and progress.


[1] Full disclosure, The Copper Candle Company is my wife Kelly’s company and will serve as a proof of concept for future Collusionist Start Up Investments.