Media: Abstract: The Art of Design

When asked if design was an expression of art in a 1972 interview at the Musee des Arts Decoratifs, Charles Eames[1] responded, “It’s an expression of purpose. It may, if it's good enough, later be judged as art.” Abstract: The Art of Design, Netflix’s newest documentary series, aims to build upon that statement by taking an in depth look into the work, process and ideals of eight modern designers working across a bevy of design disciplines. Creator and Executive Producer Scott Dadich, former Editor in Chief of Wired Magazine, echoes Charles’ sentiment with an eye toward the future, stating that if done right, "Abstract will help you understand the future by seeing the intent behind the objects that surround us.”

I’m only four episodes in and am absolutely riveted by the beauty and storytelling on display in each episode. In an attempt to stray from the softly lit interviews and modern minimalism of the standard design documentary, Abstract attempts to translate each specific designer's aesthetic and personality in a way that is both visually stunning and complimentary to the stories being told.  All eight episodes are currently available for streaming on Netflix!


[1] Together with his wife, Ray, the Eames are among my favorite designers of all time.  Here is an old post I wrote about one of my favorite chairs.