Collaboration: The Colluionist Crate and Copper Candle Co.

In the first post of 2017, I introduced The Collusionist Start Up Investment and featured the Copper Candle Co., a handmade soy candle company whose inception was inspired by Copper, an adolescent Brittany Spaniel rescue. Since receiving their start up funds, Copper Candle Co. has been able to refine their candle making process and packaging, cobble together some sales through The Collusionist website, and adopt Copper a sister named Emma. In addition to the start up capital received through The Start Up Investment program, the Copper Candle Co. has also received their first wholesale order and will be featured in the 2nd edition of The Collusionist Crate. I am beyond stoked to be in on the ground floor of such a rad company and can’t wait to see how this collaboration helps them to grow their business and brand.

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