Collaboration: The Collusionist Crate and Sasquatch & Co.

Sasquatch and co.jpg

What started as a scholarly endeavor to develop a product and brand for a design school class has quickly transformed into a full fledged business for the super rad folks over at Sasquatch & Co. They create beautifully original art that is hand pulled for one of a kind prints, as well as  bad-ass soy candles, whose proceeds benefit specific national parks.

By an act of kismet, I stumbled upon their shop while perusing the wares over at the Holiday Horseshoe Market when my wife made sure I took note of how much she liked their  prints. As luck would have it, I remembered their name long enough to pick up one of their prints for a Valentine's Day gift. After that, I knew I had to collaborate with them for edition 2 of The Collusionist Crate. They kindly obliged by coming up with an exclusive 5x7 print which I’m so stoked to be able to include!

 For more information and other Sasquatch & Co products, check out

Also, make sure to check back with The Collsuionist tomorrow as The Collusionist Crate Edition 2: Undomesticated, will be available for purchase.